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  2. 1 March 2013

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    First Furniture - Eiko Ojala

  3. The design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, science, and culture.

    — Jeff Smith

  4. This 18 minute “Connecting” documentary is an exploration of the future of Interaction Design and User Experience from some of the industry’s thought leaders. As the role of software is catapulting forward, Interaction Design is seen to be not only increasing in importance dramatically, but also expected to play a leading role in shaping the coming “Internet of things.” Ultimately, when the digital and physical worlds become one, humans along with technology are potentially on the path to becoming a “super organism” capable of influencing and enabling a broad spectrum of new behaviors in the world.

  5. The Musalman is the oldest Urdu-language daily newspaper published from Chennai in India. It is an evening paper with four pages, all of which are handwritten by calligraphers, before being mass-produced with a printing press. According to the Wired and The Times of India, The Musalman is possibly the only handwritten newspaper in the world.

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  6. Stop trying to figure it out, and you will..

  7. “BEYOND” is an exclusive documentary featuring photographer Joey L. Set in Varanasi, India. The documentary by filmmaker Cale Glendening follows Joey and his assistant Ryan as they complete their latest photo series- “Holy Men.”

  8. The new extrovert

    Peter parker is a typical geeky introvert.. Detached, shy, silent, with one or two friends, lives in his own little world. But when he gets access to this immense power, he suddenly gets the courage to do things he never would have done. But, he also makes a mask to hide his identity, majorly for the sake of his loved ones, but probably also because he still likes his own little world and wants to keep it intact.

    The internet has proven to be such a ‘power’. The internet and gadgets have allowed previously unheard and unknown ‘introverts’ to be expressive and outspoken with their introvert ego intact. As a result now-a-days we can see a lot of “offline introverts” turning to “online extroverts”. But it also gives people a chance to project themselves as someone else. You can be anything you want..be it a socialist, a thinker, a rebel, a rockstar or even a self proclaimed genius. As a result, many times the online and offline identity of people are a complete mismatch. Now, is projecting a false identity a wrongdoing in this case, you have to decide. I guess uncle Ben’s quote still stands true.


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  10. Eggs this way

    Eggs this way